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Darol Dickinson

Darol Dickinson resides near Barnesville, Ohio. He is General Manager of the Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc., which is owned by his sons, Kirk, Chad, Joel, and daughter Dela Lenz. Darol and his wife, Linda, enjoy their three sons, one daughter, and eight grandchildren, who live in Ohio and Colorado.

The family business is raising and marketing Texas Longhorn, African Watusi, and Dutch Buelingo cattle. The ranch, which is located just North of the fortieth parallel, is nestled amid the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Eleven employees work the ranch.

Kirk Dickinson has created the cover design, type styles, book layout, copy organization, carried the water, and dumped the trash. A father has no greater compliment in life than to have a son with whom to work on a project of this magnitude.

For More Information: www.texaslonghorn.com

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35500 Muskrat Rd.

Barnesville, Ohio 43713 USA